Concert Hall

Acoustic properties perfectly designed for classical music and a pipe organ ― the Concert Hall combines an elegant atmosphere and high-level functionality for conventions.

The functionality of a concert hall to allow full enjoyment of the performance of classical music is combined with the functionality to hold large-scale conferences.
The Concert Hall is equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system supporting up to four languages, a 400-inch screen and other facilities capable of accommodating conventions. One thousand and thirty seats in the hall are as roomy as those in the Main Hall, and the seats on the first level are equipped with seat tables.
Acoustic design of the Concert Hall achieved a reverberation time of 2.1 seconds to bring out the beauty of classical music to the fullest.
A 64-stop French pipe organ installed above the center of the stage and the chandeliers add subdued elegance to the hall.

Concert Hall Service Information

  • Restroom for men
  • Restroom for women
  • Multipurpose
  • Coin Locker
  • Cafe
  • Wi-Fi

Access to Concert Hall

To the Concert Hall,please take the underpass from the bottom of the circular bus terminal.

From JR Hamamatsu Station

  1. 1 From JR Hamamatsu Station
    Please walk to your right toward the north exit of the station once you exit the ticket gate of the Tokaido Local and the Shinkansen Line.
  2. 2 From JR Hamamatsu Station North Exit Square
    Please take the escalator or the staircase seen ahead to go underground. An elevator installed next to the staircase in a secluded place is also available. Please note you will need an umbrella on a rainy day if you walk outside following the “right arrow sign” posted in the premises of the station.
  3. 3 In front of Escalator up to 1F Bus Terminal
    The escalator up to the 1F bus terminal is seen ahead once you go underground. Please keep walking up to the underground square with an atrium.
  4. 4 Underground Square of Bus Terminal
    Please walk along the right wall and choose the blue sign: “B ACT City Junction Underpass”.
  5. 5 Entrance of ACT CITY Hamamatsu
    Please walk through the underpass, getting to the automatic door on the right. You will find the entrance of the Concert Hall just on the right side when entering the building.