Congress Center

Designed with consideration for access to the Main Hall, the Congress Center can effectively handle large-scale conventions.

Thirteen various Conference Rooms can accommodate groups of different sizes, ranging from 18 to 560 persons. The rooms collectively have the seating capacity of 2,018.
The Conference Rooms with refined wooden interior and the spacious lobby enhance the atmosphere of special occasions.
The Congress Center is designed with consideration for ease of movement between the facilities; the Conference Rooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors are directly connected with the foyer of the Main Hall, allowing a large number of meeting participants to smoothly move from one venue to another.
The 3rd floor of the Congress Center directly connected to the hotel allows event organizers to use high-quality catering and banquet services.

Congress Center Service Information

  • Restroom for men
  • Restroom for women
  • Multipurpose
  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Vending machine
  • Wi-Fi

Access to Congress Center

From “May One Exit” of JR Tokaido Line (2F)

  1. 1 “May One Exit” of JR Tokaido Line (2F)
    After passing through the ticket gate of “May One Exit”, please walk straight along the path.
    * For passengers of the JR Shinkansen Line, please pass through the transfer gate of the local line first before the ticket gate of May One Exit.
    * May One Exit” is open between 7:40 - 21:15.
  2. 2 Accessway (2F)
    After exiting May One Building, please keep going along the path with the slope/ staircase.
  3. 3 Accessway (Moving Sidewalk, 2F)
    Please take the moving sidewalk and go straight.
  4. 4 Staircase to Entrance of Congress Center on 1st Floor
    After getting off the 2nd moving sidewalk, please go down the back-left staircase to the 1st floor.
  5. 5 Entrance of Congress Center (1F)
    After getting to the 1st floor, please go ahead along the left wall. You will find the automatic door to enter the Congress Center.
  6. 6 Entrance Lobby of Congress Center (1F)
    Please take the elevator or the escalator on the right in the back of the building to whichever floor you need to go.

From JR Hamamatsu Station

  1. 1 From JR Hamamatsu Station
    Please walk to your right toward the north exit of the station once you exit the ticket gate of the Tokaido Local and the Shinkansen Line.
  2. 2 From JR Hamamatsu Station North Exit Square
    Please take the escalator or the staircase seen ahead to go underground. An elevator installed next to the staircase in a secluded place is also available. Please note you will need an umbrella on a rainy day if you walk outside following the “right arrow sign” posted in the premises of the station.
  3. 3 In front of Escalator up to 1F Bus Terminal
    The escalator up to the 1F bus terminal is seen ahead once you go underground. Please keep walking up to the underground square with an atrium.
  4. 4 Underground Square of Bus Terminal
    Please walk along the right wall and choose the blue sign: “B ACT City Junction Underpass”.
  5. 5 Entrance of ACT CITY Hamamatsu
    Please walk through the underpass, getting to the automatic door on the right. You will find the entrance of the Concert Hall just on the right side when entering the building.
  6. 6 Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation (HCF) Office
    While walking ahead, you will see the Information Counter on the left. The HCF office is located on the other side on the right. You can access to the Congress Center by the escalator right before the HCF Office (you will enter the restaurant area after passing the HCF Office).