Seminar & Exchange Center

The Seminar & Exchange Center has many rooms to cater to various activities, such as musical performances, practice, meetings and seminars.

The center houses 24 Music Seminar Rooms/Conference Rooms in various sizes to provide venues for activities like musical performances, lectures and seminars promoting the exchange of people and information.
Ten Seminar and Exchange Rooms/Conference Rooms have capacities ranging from 24 to 252 seats and can be used for various purposes like small meetings and lectures.
The Music Seminar Hall equipped with a concert piano and large-size musical instruments can be used for a wide range of musical performances and concerts, such as jazz, brass band and chamber music, as well as piano concerts. The hall can also accommodate lectures and seminars using a 200-inch screen.
Thirteen Music Seminar Rooms are equipped with grand pianos, drum sets and amplifiers and can be used for group lessons, small concerts and musical seminars as well as personal practice.

Seminar & Exchange Center Service Information

  • Restroom for men
  • Restroom for women
  • Multipurpose
  • Elevator
  • Vending machine
  • Cafe
  • Shop
  • AED
  • Wi-Fi

Access to Seminar & Exchange Center

From “May One Exit” of JR Tokaido Line (2F)

  1. 1 “May One Exit” of JR Tokaido Line (2F)
    After passing through the ticket gate of “May One Exit”, please walk straight along the path.
    * For passengers of the JR Shinkansen Line, please pass through the transfer gate of the local line first before the ticket gate of May One Exit.
    * May One Exit” is open between 7:40 - 21:15.
  2. 2 Accessway (2F)
    After exiting May One Building, please keep going along the path with the slope/ staircase.
  3. 3 Accessway (Moving Sidewalk, 2F)
    Please take the moving sidewalk and go straight.
  4. 4 Accessway (ACT Tower/Exhibition and Event Hall, 2F)
    Please keep going ahead on the moving sidewalk. After getting off the moving sidewalk, keep walking ahead up to the front corner to turn.
  5. 5 Accessway (Exhibition and Event Hall, 2F)
    Please turn the corner and keep walking ahead. You will soon find the automatic door on the right side to enter the Exhibition and Event Hall building (2F).
  6. 6 Accessway (Exhibition and Event Hall /Seminar & Exchange Center, 2F)
    Please take the moving sidewalk in front of the entrance of Exhibition and Event Hall building (2F).
  7. 7 Entrance of Seminar & Exchange Center
    Please turn left at the end of the moving sidewalk. You will find the automatic entrance door of the Seminar & Exchange Center ahead.