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Collection and use of Personal Information

■ Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation(hereinafter the ‘Foundation’) may collect Personal Information within a limited range in order to improve and offer better service to customers.
■ The Foundation will, when obtaining any Personal Information, identify the purpose of use thereof and obtain it to the extent it becomes necessary and through a lawful and fair manner.
■ The Foundation will never use any Personal Information obtained for any purpose beyond the purpose of use without obtaining a prior consent from the relevant customer.
■ The Foundation shall never provide any and all Personal Information obtained to any other Third Party except that the Foundation may provide Personal Information to any of its contractors to the extent necessary when introducing the customer useful information by means of direct mailing or other relevant methods.
■ Any Personal Information shall not be provided whenever any relevant customer should so require the Foundation.

Handling of Personal Information

■ The Foundation shall implement safety measures in a suitable manner to prevent any and all Personal Information from being accessed in an unauthorized manner, from being lost, damaged, altered, or leaked, etc.
■ In case the Foundation should outsource handling of Personal Information, it will endeavor to provide training and education to the relevant contractor in order to be compliant with Personal Information Protection Low in Japan.
■ When requested to disclose any Personal Information, the Foundation shall limit disclosure of Personal Information by following the prescribed procedures of the Foundation.

Personal Information collected through website

■ The website of Hamamatsu International Piano Competition,, is automatically collecting, storing and recording names of internet domain, IP addresses or any other relevant information that is gained when customers visit or access this website.
■ The Foundation uses cookies
Note) Cookies are parcels of text sent by a server to a Web client (usually a browser) and then sent back unchanged by the client each time it accesses that server. The sender’s email address is shown in the receiver’s in-tray.

Revisions to Private Policy

■ The Foundation will continue to observe any applicable laws and regulations and/or any governmental notifications and guidelines so that any and all Personal Information may be properly handled.
■ Any revision will be reflected in this Private Policy when made.

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